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The company SM Collection Ltd. was founded at the end of 2010 as a trading company.

Rapidly growing in the field of cleaning products and household supplies. Gaining experience over the years and looking for a market niche, in 2012 the company changed its main business activity in manufacturing of various models mops.

To ensure fast production and for manufacturing of high quality cleaning mops, the owners of SM Collection Ltd. have invested in the most modern machine, bought from the leading manufacturer in this industry. Used materials for the production are environment-friendly with certificates of quality and origin, and capacity of the machine is 1200 pieces per hour, which makes us very competitive and prepared to face the dynamic of the market.

The professional experience of the team, the continuously gaining of knowledge and periodic trainings and improving of the technology, have made possible the active development of the company and its promotion on the market of the cleaning mops.

Thanks to the management team, the company possitions on the internal and external markets are growing very well. Between 2013 and 2014 the company participates on several international exhibitions in Germany. As a small but rapidly growing company we are flexible to react quickly to each order, which give us and grant to the our customerс competitive advantage on the market.

The main future objectives of the company are expanding of the production, increasment of the customer satisfaction and improving of the services quality.


cotton cleaning mops of SM Collect Ltd.


Eco cleaning mops of SM Collect Ltd.